How to Save Some Money When Purchasing Electronics

If you want to get a good deal when purchasing audio products or consumer electronic products then read this post. There several methods for getting the best price for any product. Nowadays, most people search for prices online. Even when they walk into a store they will typically surf the web to find out what a specific product is selling for online. Then the retailer might match the price that is shown online.

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You can also negotiate with the retailer if you purchase several products at the same time. You might get a discount. If you do have a friend who wants to purchase the same product then you can purchase it at the same time and typically also get a discount. Obviously, doing proper research is the best way to negotiate with the retailer. You can find out what prices are online as well as and other retail outlets. However, keep in mind that many retail stores belong to chains which have uniform pricing across each outlet.

However, if …

How to Utilize Bluetooth Audio Receivers

Nowadays, people like storing their music collection on their phones. Obviously, having all of your music on your phone allows you to enjoy music while you are traveling and also gives you much easier access to specific tracks. I highly recommend that you convert your CD music collection into MP3s so that you can store them on your phone or another portable device. However, listening to music over the phones internal speakers can be an unpleasant experience. Therefore, people usually purchase other speakers which either connect to the phone via cable or Bluetooth speakers which have wireless connectivity.

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However, the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers often is less then you might desire. I will show you how you can use Bluetooth audio receiver devices to improve the sound whilst utilizing the Bluetooth of your phone for streaming audio. The major limitation of Bluetooth speakers is they are small size. It is virtually impossible to manufacture speakers that have a good frequency response especially at the low frequencies while having small …

Some Strategies for Installing Wireless Speakers

Multi-room audio has a spread tremendously over the last few years. That is no surprising because wireless technology enables setting up speakers all over your house without running long wires. They are several manufacturers which make these products such as Sonos, Sony or Amphony. LG also just announced the family of multi-room speakers. In this article, I’m going to explain how these systems are set up and also offer some advice which should improve performance of these components.

All of these different brands have in common that they all are designed to work with cordless speakers of one sort or another. Some manufacturers offer bundles while others sell individual components. If you opt for system which comprises individual components then you want to consult your dealer or the manufacturer which components are required for your application. That is because different components interface differently with your equipment. If you primarily stream music from an analog source meaning equipment which has an RCA audio output then you should be good purchasing any …

Some Recent Trends in Wireless Speaker Technology

Wireless technology in general has undergone tremendous changes in the past few decades. The most fundamental change has been the transition from analog to digital. Many radio stations are converting to the digital format. The same goes for TV stations although in the United States, terrestrial television is not as dominant as in Europe. As a result, digital standards for terrestrial television are more advanced in Europe than in America. Radio stations also have started convert from analog to digital although most people still prefer using FM stereo’s versus the new satellite radios. However, aside from radio receivers and television sets, the digital revolution has also transformed the operation of other consumer products such as cordless telephones and wireless speakers. In this post I will look at some of the changes in the technology as it is being used for manufacturing wireless speakers.

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Similar to radio, traditional wireless speakers were all based on technology that is quite similar to classic FM radio. Only in the last decade have different …

Some Drawbacks of Bluetooth Speakers

In this post, I‘m going to look at some of the shortcomings of Bluetooth wireless speakers. Even though, Bluetooth speakers have become more and more popular lately, they still have certain drawbacks which should not be overlooked.

First of all, Bluetooth has a fairly short wireless range. That is because the signal is transmitted at a fairly low wattage. Bluetooth has never been designed for transmitting over great distances. The primary application of Bluetooth is the transmission of data from a computer to a portable device. However, lately cell phones have incorporated Bluetooth in order to stream music from the phone to speakers. Since the underlying wireless technology is still the same, the wireless range is quite short.

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Typically you would be looking at about 50 feet maximum range. That is quite a bit less is than typical wireless range of cordless telephones and wireless speakers which do not use Bluetooth.

Another drawback off because it’s that in order to transmit high-fidelity audio, the signal has to be compressed to …