Some Drawbacks of Bluetooth Speakers

In this post, I‘m going to look at some of the shortcomings of Bluetooth wireless speakers. Even though, Bluetooth speakers have become more and more popular lately, they still have certain drawbacks which should not be overlooked.

First of all, Bluetooth has a fairly short wireless range. That is because the signal is transmitted at a fairly low wattage. Bluetooth has never been designed for transmitting over great distances. The primary application of Bluetooth is the transmission of data from a computer to a portable device. However, lately cell phones have incorporated Bluetooth in order to stream music from the phone to speakers. Since the underlying wireless technology is still the same, the wireless range is quite short.

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Typically you would be looking at about 50 feet maximum range. That is quite a bit less is than typical wireless range of cordless telephones and wireless speakers which do not use Bluetooth.

Another drawback off because it’s that in order to transmit high-fidelity audio, the signal has to be compressed to some degree. Compression means that the amount of data which is being transmitted from the cell phone to the speakers is being reduced. That reduction in data naturally results in a loss of audio fidelity.

There are other wireless speakers on the market which do not compress audio at all. The transmission itself, as a result, is far superior to Bluetooth. However, those speakers cannot connect directly to a cell phone. Therefore, manufacturers of speakers which are not based on Bluetooth, usually ship the transmitter which is proprietary to those speakers. The transmitter would typically connect to a cell phone via cable. Some transmitters also have a docking station. These stocks allow plugging in of an iPhone.

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In environments with a lot of wireless interference, Bluetooth speakers sometimes drop the signal. The only remedy in such a situation is to reduce the distance between the speakers and the phone. At this time there are no repeaters in the market which can extend the wireless signal. As such when purchasing Bluetooth speakers should be aware of these limitations

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