How to Utilize Bluetooth Audio Receivers

Nowadays, people like storing their music collection on their phones. Obviously, having all of your music on your phone allows you to enjoy music while you are traveling and also gives you much easier access to specific tracks. I highly recommend that you convert your CD music collection into MP3s so that you can store them on your phone or another portable device. However, listening to music over the phones internal speakers can be an unpleasant experience. Therefore, people usually purchase other speakers which either connect to the phone via cable or Bluetooth speakers which have wireless connectivity.

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However, the sound quality of Bluetooth speakers often is less then you might desire. I will show you how you can use Bluetooth audio receiver devices to improve the sound whilst utilizing the Bluetooth of your phone for streaming audio. The major limitation of Bluetooth speakers is they are small size. It is virtually impossible to manufacture speakers that have a good frequency response especially at the low frequencies while having small size. Unfortunately, small size is something that many people look for when purchasing Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, the sound quality of most Bluetooth speakers is far from the quality which you would have with a set of decent bookshelf speakers or floorstanding speakers.

However, by using a Bluetooth audio receiver, you can combine the convenience of streaming music via Bluetooth with the sound quality that you are used to from your speakers. All you need to do is purchase a Bluetooth receiver as well as a power amplifier. Actually, you can forget about the amplifier if you have active speakers. A Bluetooth receiver will be able to pick up the music which is streamed from a phone and converted to analog audio. That audio can then be fed into an amplifier or alternatively into a pair of active speakers. This will give you the same quality almost as you would have to if you were to connect the speakers directly to the phone by using cable. However, now you have the advantage of not having to constantly connect and disconnect an audio cable to your phone.

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Most Bluetooth receivers will give you a wireless range of about 30 feet. That means you cannot walk very far away from the speakers but I recommend just placing you phone someplace near the speakers and you should be okay. Turn up the volume on your speakers to a setting that you feel comfortable with. You can then control the volume with your phone.

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