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A Review of a few Options that enable Wireless Surround Sound

Running long speaker wires has always been a major drag when setting up home theater systems. Not surprisingly, wireless surround sound systems have become popular lately as the sound quality has improved over previous models. There are several technologies which are utilized for making the wireless option possible. I will take a look at some of these options and highlight some of the pros and cons of each technology.

speakers which are wireless

First of all, I’m going to highlight powerline adapters. What is attractive about these adapters is that they utilize the power line in order to transmit audio. Technically, you couldn’t call these adapters wireless surround sound – see here for more info – because they are not wireless but instead utilize the power line. However, they certainly eliminate speaker cables. Note however that you will need a special audio adapter in order to transmit audio via the power line. A powerline adapter by itself is simply able to transmit a network signal. You will need a component which can convert the …